9 good reasons to join the “Enallaktiki Paideia” Team.

  1. For the exciting and interactive learning environment

The students – as well as our teachers – enjoy classes as well as the fun and witty atmosphere in the classroom.


  1. For the practical, humanistic and psychological approach to the science of Astrology

The two basic courses are designed to train students step-by-step in the analysis and interpretation of horoscopes. Also, through the up-to-date online platform operating, we welcome more and more students from all over the world every year.

  1. For the extensive educational material

In addition to the modern astrology program we install on our students’ computers, throughout the 2-year course we provide books, notes and bibliography.

Also, all courses and seminars held by the School’s teachers and international lecturers are recorded and sent to the students to go over again or save them for their records.


  1. For the experienced teaching staff

The Enallaktiki Paideia teachers undertake a step-by-step teaching method to educate the students in the wondrous language of Astrology. All of them have many years of experience in active professional astrology, great passion and extensive article writing in the printed and electronic press.

  1. For specialized courses

In addition to the basic studies cycle, Enallaktiki Paideia provides Kontinuous training by organizing seminars by international lecturers throughout the course of study, as well as by holding specialized courses (Karmic, Medical, Horary), and thus offering diverse options and approaches beyond Classical Western Astrology.

  1. For competitive tuition fees

With no registration fees nor any additional cost, tuition fees remain unswervingly low, with a lot of payment facilitations and discounts.

  1. For our commitment to the students

From the first to the last day of studies, we offer constant support, with propping teaching (tutorials) and private lessons for those who wish it.

The Enallaktiki Paideia’s secretarial support is always available to solve any problems, provide information, supply notes, send recorded lessons etc.

  1. For the full weekly schedule

We take under consideration our students’ demanding daily schedules, professional and family obligations. Hence, Enallaktiki Paideia uses a fixed weekly schedule, provides substitution of lost courses in the case of holidays and of course, offers an online attendance option. The School is located in downtown Athens, opposite to the Athens Traffic Police Station in Metaxourgeio, in a safe and easily accessible place.

  1. For professional career

For those who wish to pursue Astrology professionally, we provide advice and guidance based on the rules of professional ethics and ethical issues. The Enallaktiki Paideia’s site “astroteam.gr” offers to students who wish to write articles a platform, while there is also the potentiality of online broadcasting through live broadcasts that take place every day on the School’s premises.

For more information or clarification visit our FAQ page or contact us at +30 211 184 8099




TELEPHONE: (+30) 211 184 8099 , 210 52 31 788

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