Karmic – Evolutionary Astrology in Enallaktiki Paideia.

Evolutionary Astrology studies and reveals the wishes and types of wishes that each soul developed in the past.

Students of modern and traditional astrology discover in awe how this technical science provides answers to who we are and what our potential is. Karmic Astrology goes a step further: It explains why!!

Why are we who we are? Why am I here?
Why do some people seem to be luckier than others?
What is it that makes us face repetitive relationship patterns?
Do we meet the people in our life by chance?
Why do we feel like we have known some of them from before?
Why are we here? What have we to learn?
Why is pain inevitable?
Is there a plan for us? Is there something greater than us?

The list of questions is endless and has troubled humanity since the beginning of conscious existence on a philosophical, psychological, existential, theological and scientific level.

The majority of people suspect (or rather sense) that we are not a product of chance, with no destiny, condemned to simply carry out our biological duties within the equally random social contexts of the era we were born. In other words, to exist, until we simply die.
Of course, this point of view also exists. Human history, however, shows it to be a minority point of view. Opposite this point of view, stand the greatest personalities of all times.

In contemporary times, and against all last centuries’ efforts to deal with man one-sidedly, just as a biological and social being, there were – and still are -scientists who understood that this fruitless dealing with human nature has gaps. Those scientists have recorded a huge volume of work, which, if nothing else, agrees with what Karmic Astrology studies and stands for: We do not only have the present but also a past and a future.

But the goal is not to satisfy the curiosity of a past we cannot recall, but to realize it, so that we can work for the good quality of present and future.

“Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past”

The Lunar Nodes, emotional memory and incarnation!

The courses are held every Monday afternoon from 18.00 to 21.00 and are completed in a total of 108 hours, that is in 9 months
The teacher is Ms. Nona Voudouri who studied in Enallaktiki Paideia and was Steven Forest’s postgraduate student.
Karmic astrology courses can be attended by students who have basic knowledge of Astrology.


Evolutionary Astrology


9 months

Course Cycles:





Course’s difficulty level


Online attendance option

Introduction to Karmic Astrology – types and acknowledgement in a Chart
Karmic indicators (the role of Saturn, Pluto, Chiron)
Retrograde planets
Elements and Karma
Lunar Nodes (Signs, Houses, Aspects)
Karma and Houses
Karma and Aspect Patterns
The Last Incarnation and the “Key” Planet
Inconjunction (quincunx) – psychological acknowledgement and Karma
Vertex – Gate of Destiny
Prenatal Eclipses (analysis, methodology, examples)
Prenatal eclipses
Relationship Astrology and Past Experiences
Nodes of other planets (Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, etc.)
Draconic Horoscope
Draconic Synastry Charts-examples
Draconic Solar Return
Draconic Eclipses
Karmic Astrology Predictions
Evolutionary Astrology (the chart behind the chart)
Metaphysical and psychological interpretation
House Cusps and their management
Sign Axes and Evolution
Node Rulers and their Aspects
Achievement and Failure
The role of Pluto
Determine Pluto’s polarity point
Planets from the past

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