Our Philosophy in Enallaktiki Paideia.

Enallaktiki Paideia – Astropaideia School offers Certificate and Degree in Astrological Studies, following the completion of the two 9-month course cycles as well as the Master class-workshop in parallel to the submission of a Graduate Thesis that proves the student’s level of knowledge.
In a constantly evolving society, Enallaktiki Paideia is an officially certified studying center with a very high level of teaching which is up to par compared to foreign astrology schools that prevail in the European Union so far. In fact, we can confidently claim that our program and teachings methods are superior.
In a few years, the hard and demanding study of Astrology will be distinguished in comparison to the rest of the respected esoteric techniques. Astrology will emerge as a field of study exclusively connected to Psychology. Its activity will be in parallel with schools of mental health.

In Greece, there is an immediate need for a legislated institution that can prove an Astrologer’s knowledge and studies, instead of anyone declaring themselves educated. For years, Greeks have been trying to study in astrological schools abroad which have an immense financial cost. Other factors were also an obstacle as time zone differences and different language. In our school all notes, books and exercises are in Greek and teachers are always available to meet students in case they need extra support during their studies.

We have found that many interested individuals have been studying and practicing astrology for many years, with an adequate level of basic knowledge. Thus, we established probing tests that have to do with Cycle A, at practical as well as theoretical level, enabling students to detect their knowledge level, so that they do not waste time and money on subject matter they adequately know.

After completion of both course cycles, Students with a maximum of 6 absences in 9 months, and who have taken 12 examination tests, supervised by the professor responsible, receive a Certificate of Study.

A certificate is awarded to students who complete all three course cycles. The two year basic courses, the third year of Master Class + workshop and their Thesis. The latter is submitted to their supervisor and is published online in order for the student’s progress and endeavour is recognised. No other country in the world has a complete study program that can be judged by a public body.

Thesis is always about predictive systems, and has to do with well-known or famous people whose life is known, and their life events are posted online. Our students are obligated to “prove” indisputably at least 3 important life events of the person in question, using astrological data and tools at their disposal. In this way, their knowledge on the Natal Chart interpretation, and on Psychological Astrology is proven. But, above all, it shows their ability to identify past events, and their qualification to estimate future-ones as well. Let’s not forget that Astrology is very similar to Meteorology which has the ability to make “estimates” of weather phenomena by mathematically decoding the signs of the sky.

The thesis concerns predictive systems and is related to famous people whose life is known and their life evens are posted online.

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