Horary Astrology in Enallaktiki Paideia.

Since ancient times, man has turned his eyes to the sky in order to get answers for the big and small questions of life. The most direct way for this to happen was Horary Astrology. By that we are instantly synchronized with the Universe, which in turn accurately answers our question marks by turning them into exclamation marks. What is more wondrous than the feeling of being in tune with Everything?

Horary Astrology was for centuries the technique in which poor and rich, kings and subjects turned to and posed their queries. Direct, simple and quite explanatory, it has the advantage of sorting out and quick answering, even to questions that are difficult to answer by interpreting the Natal Chart. Practical, daily but also complicated issues are reflected in astrological charts that are born at the same time as the question and form a guide, enabling us to walk consciously where we should, and make our lives easier.

This ancient technique is timelier than ever. The speed and clarity of the answers given are ideal for the modern human’s rhythm, who wants to swiftly and clearly know how to act in relation to their concerns, be it about their professional or emotional life, but also to soothe their distress by answering queries even about lost items.

At Enallaktiki Paideia we approach Horary Astrology and its students with the utmost respect. We discover with awe awe how accurate and useful it can be.

Example queries that only Horary Astrology can easily and quickly answer:
– Lost people and items e.g. Where are my glasses?
– Emotional intents e.g. What do they really feel about me?
– Of general interest, e.g. Is A. or B. going to win the elections?
– Financial questions e.g. Should I invest in stocks?
– Professional questions e.g. Will I be hired for this job? Or will I get paid for that job?

Many other matters of every day concern, that cause anxiety and distress can be resolved as well.

The classes are held once a week, last for 3 hours, and are taught by Mary Galanou, a Mayo School of Astrology graduate. They are based on the translated and published by herself bibliography of the Horary Astrology leader John Frawley. Mary Galanou has many years of experience specializing on Horary Astrology.

In Enallaktiki Paideia we are concerned in all students understanding the subject matter, regardless of age and of any previous studies.


Horary Astrology


9 months

Course Cycles:





Course’s difficulty level


Online attendance option

Relation between Horary and Natal Astrology
Casting an Horary Chart
How is the Horary question asked?
Requirements for an Horary chart to be considered readable
Indicators and choosing them
The Horary phenomena:
Collection of Light
Translation of Light
Types of Mutual Reception
The evaluation of the planet’s dynamics by fundamental and casual forces
Categorization of Horary queries (legal, romantic, health, work etc.)
The role of Lots – statistical presentation –functionality explanation
Examples from Lilly, Dorotheus and Ptolemy
Antiscia and Critical Degrees
Lunar Nodes
Fixed stars and Basic Interpretations
Horary and it’s correlation to Electional Astrology

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