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Are Enallaktiki Paideia degrees recognized?

The school is LLC1 and has submitted a curriculum as well as a timetable to the Ministry of Education, but in Greece there is no statutory body that can evaluate astrological study programs – just like abroad of course. However, we hope that in the next two years, a relevant body will be instituted that will include astrological studies in levels, something that will separate the profession at the tax authorities, in case someone wants to work professionally. At the present, astrologers belong to the category of spiritualistic services.

Our goal is to separate the professions and have a separate “astrologer” tax-code, because our studies are lengthy and laborious.

Is there an age limit?

No there is not! Our students’ age ranges from 16 up to 70+ years. Astrology has no age and is just a foreign language to learn.

Do you need a High School Diploma?

No, it is not necessary.

Is there an absence limit?

Yes, there is the limit of 6 absences in 9 months.

If someone is absent, does he miss the class?

All classes are recorded and you receive them in your email.

Are there any exams?

In both cycle courses, there are consecutive understanding, diagnostic, and problem-solving introduction tests, and these are mainly helping to understand classes on a practical level.

At the end of each cycle there is always an exam. Remote students participate by email.

What is the difference between A and B Cycle, and the Master class-workshop?
A and B Cycles are the basic Astrology learning cycles, but by continuing-on to the Master class – workshop, students acquire professional skills, and are taught lessons that only a professional astrologer needs. Also, someone who has been taught the basics of cycle A can pass (after taking exams) to cycle B, and from there to Master class-workshop, in order to be certified as a professional.
Does one need to travel to Athens to attend the classes?

No, all classes can be attended from home and you don’t need to travel at all.

Do I have my own teacher?

Of course! In addition to the basic teachers, who oversee the classes, there is one more you can turn to for any question.

Do I need to buy books?
School notes are truly infinite! The school also has a large library of foreign and Greek books in e-book format, and you won’t need anything else. There is also a recommended bibliography for those who want something more.
Is participation in the school's seminars mandatory?
No, it is not! Each student desides what they likes better, and it is his choice to do more. The faculty maintains collaboration with international speakers, and extra presentations are often taking place (free of charge for the workshop-students, at a small cost for the rest).
How do we pay the tuition fees?

When you register, you pay a small amount of money to reserve your enrollment, and then you have the option of either one-off pay with a discount, or divide the whole amount into installments, and pay as it suits you.

What kind of professional future can I have after completing my studies?

After competing studies in Enallaktiki Paideia you can become an Astrology Consultant. But there are many astrologers involved in teaching (having a specialty), research, writing, and in media. They can also combine mental health and therapeutic studies with astrology, so that they can treat clients. They can combine psychotherapy, psychology, homeopathy etc. (and Astrology is a great option along with life-coaching and consulting).

There is also a huge part of students who study astrology for personal use, for self-knowledge and self-psychotherapy, and for understanding their relationships and people around them.

Do classes include Math?

The truth is that Astrology has a lot of math, but fortunately we can do it by using a special computer program for astrologers, and we no longer need to do calculations ourselves. There is a provision to train our students on these programs in simple steps, and provide them with user’s manuals.

Do I need a special software to do astrological studies?

Not necessarily, because it can be found online, but if you want you can buy it from the market.

Is there a way for students to communicate with each other?

Of course! There is a community online that students use to communicate, exchange opinions, and do exercises. Teachers and assistant editors also participate, so that nothing is left unanswered.

When do new courses start?

Courses start twice a year. At the end of September or the beginning of October, and at the end of January or the beginning of February.

   For any info or clearing up, please contact info@enallaktikipaideia.com,or +030 211 184 8099.




TELEPHONE: (+30) 211 184 8099 , 210 52 31 788

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